Our income has been affected by the pandemic

Our income has been affected by the pandemic

Just Asking with Ptr Peter Banzon


Our income has been affected by the pandemic. What should I do? This year, I don’t think I’ll be able to give the same amount of Christmas gifts to my children.

Children always look forward to receiving gifts at Christmas while parents take great delight in giving it to their beloved kids. But our nation’s economy has been hit hard by the long pandemic affecting the world and lessening our income this year. I believe your children have an awareness of this difficult situation because of the long lockdowns as well as their education being confined to online learning (classes). This can be a learning and teaching opportunity for both you and your kids.

Here are some teaching and learning take-aways for every family.

Celebrate Christmas whatever the circumstances maybe.

Tell them that despite the continuing pandemic they will have a meaningful Christmas celebration. Even if many families face a lot of limitations during Christmas, everyone should still celebrate because we have received the most wonderful gift of all, Jesus Christ our Savior. Jesus is still the reason for the season. Read the story of Jesus’ birth with them from the gospel of Luke chapter 2 and talk about what Christmas is really all about.


Be thankful for gifts no matter how large or small.

Gift-giving will always be part of Christmas but there will be times that the number of gifts will be limited due to different circumstances. Tell them to be thankful for whatever they will receive this year. Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the blessings we receive from God because we look for big things and neglect to appreciate the many small things that fill our needs each day. As a family, make a list of blessings that all of you received from God and then end this time by thanking God for what He has given.


Trust God to see you through the pandemic or any challenge you may be facing.

Teach your kids to trust God in the face of challenges and difficulties. You can do this by being an example of trust and confidence in God’s power and care for all His children. When things go wrong don’t be a complainer but express confidence that God will help you to overcome the problem. The Bible contains many of God’s promises to help and provide for us in our time of need, read and learn them with your family. Pray with your children. This is a powerful example of trusting God!

Have a blessed and most Merry Christmas. God bless us all!